The secret to selling a home fast? Home staging. Our customers credit staging with quick turnaround.


We own all of our own furniture and accessories.


We do NOT use “temp” labor.


We have been in business since 2005


We are versatile in our staging designs; we assess the home, neighborhood, potential buyers and take the time to chat with you about your insight for the project.


We offer:

Traditional, leaning towards lots of wood, framed art, primary colors and matching night stands and end tables


Contemporary, leaning towards glass coffee and dining tables, frameless art, combination of matching and non-matching end tables and night stands, whites and pastel colors


Transitional, a mixture of glass, fabric and woods, framed and frameless art, non- matching end tables and night stands, whites and citrus colors


We also do custom designs such as Frank Lloyd Wright, rural and ultra-modern.


Get professional home staging and furniture rendering done at affordable rates with quick trunaround time.