Renton Real Estate Stagers


Design Perfect Home Staging is one of the finest real estate stagers based in Renton, WA. In the highly competitive real estate market of today, choosing the right real estate stagers will directly impact how quickly and profitably your property sells. Therefore, the need for professional Renton real estate stagers has been on the rise.

Being amongst the comprehensive Renton real estate stagers in the region, our services are not just about cleaning and de-cluttering a property, but also redesigning the entire living experience it offers. Our seasoned Renton real estate stagers will ensure that your home looks elegant and likable to anyone that visits.

Versatile real estate stagers like us can help you stage your property using several staging styles such as:

  • Traditional look staging
  • Contemporary ambience staging
  • Transitional setting staging
  • Ultra-modern design staging

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Renton Real Estate Staging


If you are looking for a reputable Renton real estate staging company, then you have arrived at the right place. We ensure that we deliver high quality workmanship on all Renton real estate staging projects that we take up.

We understand that each home is unique with a distinctive layout, features and the surrounding neighborhood. Therefore, our vast range of Renton real estate staging services will help you to set-up your home in a style that complements all of these aspects.

You can expect a prompt and efficacious Renton real estate staging service from an experienced company like ours. We can assist with real estate staging tasks for a variety of property types including:

  • Vacant house staging
  • Condos and apartment staging
  • Townhome staging
  • Single family home staging

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Renton Staged Home


We have the knowledge, expertise, experience and resources for meeting all your expectations for an elegant Renton staged home. Our home staging staff will begin with a detailed on-site consultation, listen to you and prepare a staged home that fits within your budget. To make sure that your Renton staged home appeals to the potential buyers, you need reliable experts like us.

You can expect excellent returns from your investment through an extremely attractive Renton staged home. Regardless of the size or scope of the Renton staged home that you have envisioned, we always strive to execute it perfectly for achieving complete customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

We will provide several services, along with a magnificent staged home such as:

  • Pre-listing consultation
  • Interior staging design plan
  • Furniture rental
  • Partial staging

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