House Property Staging Company For Seattle

Vacant Houses

House Staging prices in Seattle vary from property to property. Factors that determine the staging price are location, size, access into the property and the market price of the property. Therefore it’s not possible to give estimates without an initial consultation. Our consultation is complimentary with no obligation to you. We will meet with you at the property and gather information to formulate a staging proposal and estimate. You will receive an estimate within 24 hours after the appointment.
There are two fees for staging a vacant house: ​
The first fee is our one-time staging fee, which includes design, installation and removal of furniture. This price ranges from $1200.00-1500.00 and is a one-time fee.
The second fee is the furniture and accessories rental fee. This fee is charged monthly and the price depends on how many furniture and accessory pieces we provide and the total value of the decor. The first 40 days is included in your initial contract. Rentals are then prorated in two week increments after the initial 40 days.

Occupied Houses

We recommend that all knick knacks and clutter be removed prior to us coming out for your consultation.
We charge $200.00/hour for the first hour and $100.00/hour for each additional hour. Consultations usually take between 1 and 2 hours. During that time we will give you recommendations on what to remove from your home and how to rearrange the existing furniture. Design Perfect does not move your furniture.
Design Perfect does not rent soft goods such as sofas, pillows or bedding to occupied homes in the rooms where those items will be used or if there are pets in the home. However, we do supply hard goods such as coffee, dining and wall tables, pictures, artwork and accessories. We will also provide bedding, pillows and sofas in rooms that will not be used by the current home occupants.
We will be happy to provide free of charge an estimate for staging your home using what you have and supplementing with our decor and furnishings. ​

House Staging Company for Seattle.