Edmonds Home Staging


Design Perfect Home Staging offers some of the best home staging services in Edmonds, WA. Our team will help you choose the best designs that will raise the value of your home. Our Edmonds home staging services are designed to help maximize the market value of your property.

Our company was established in 2005, and over time we have served many satisfied clients. Our Edmonds home staging team ensures that you sell your home in record time.

Our Edmonds home staging team has a quick turnaround time since we have had a lot of experience. We also have a great Edmonds home staging team of experts and ensure that we do not use ‘temp labor’ for placing furniture and accessories.

We ensure that all of our team members are adequately reimbursed for providing the best services possible.

Our Edmonds home staging team offers the following services:

  • House staging services for vacant homes
  • House staging service for occupied homes
  • Home staging services
  • House staging services

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Edmonds House Staging


Our Edmonds house staging company provides the most professional home staging services. If you want to sell your furniture before you stage your house, contact us. Our Edmonds house staging company will help sell your house at a fast turnaround time and make sure you get the best rates in the market.

Our Edmonds home staging company also offers several designs for staging your home for a quick sale.

Our Edmonds house staging team offers the traditional design option where we use a lot of wood-framed art. We utilize artwork with primary colors and add matching end tables and nightstands.

Our Edmonds house staging team also offers contemporary designs that lean towards the glass coffee table aesthetic. We pair this aesthetic with frameless art and non-matching and matching nightstands and end tables.

Our Edmonds house staging team complements this aesthetic with whites and pastel colors.

Our Edmonds house staging offers the following services:

  • Transitional staging services
  • Traditional home staging services
  • Contemporary home staging services
  • Custom home staging services

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Edmonds Staging Company


Our Edmonds staging company also offers transitional designs where we use a mixture of glass, woods and fabrics. Our Edmonds home staging team adds framed and frameless art to match this aesthetic.

We also add matching end tables, nightstands, whites and citrus colors. Our Edmonds staging company also offers custom designs such as ultra-modern and rural designs.

Our Edmonds staging company is well equipped to help enhance the appeal of your home while increasing its value. Our Edmonds staging company team has had extensive experience in staging houses, and we offer interior design solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of every client.

Our Edmonds staging company ensures that our clients are satisfied with our services, and that’s how we have attracted our customers over the years.

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